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Small & Medium Size companies...
When it comes toCybersecurity doing nothing at all,
is your biggest risk

Menaya, the first cybersecurity solution for SMBs.

70% of cyber attacks target SMBs. One in two SMBs do not survive a cyber attack. It is no longer a question of “if” an organization will be attacked, but rather “when.”This is why Menaya has developed the first complete solution that provides full cyber protection at a very affordable price.

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Make sure your website is secure – get a free assessment of your website to check for vulnerabilities. Our vulnerability scanner generates an easy-to-understand status report with detailed information that you can access via your personalized dashboard.

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The domain name is the address of your site, in the url search bar of your browser

  • Assessment - 100% free (no need for a credit card)
  • Automated scan check – nothing to do on your end
  • 20 minutes to 2 hours – your report will be sent to you
  • Access your results securely with a password

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The diagnosis of your domain has started well

The result will be ready within 1 to 4 hoursSecurity is now: you will receive an email containing a password to access your diagnosis.

A second email will notify you when it is ready.

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Flaw Detection

Our automated cloud-based cyber detection technology mimics the behavior of a hacker exploiting vulnerabilities.

Monitoring Risk

Our Cyber rating solution reviews 20 cyber-risk components every day to secure your system.


Call our toll-free number to reach our experts 24/7 : 1 800 540 0395.

Cybersecurity Insights – listen to our experts

Cybersecurity Better to be safe than sorry

Change the remediation approach so that you are ahead of the game, like an antidote. Beating hackers at their won game.


Cyber Insurance PolicyReassuring SMBs

Bringing together cyber insurance, technologies and cybersecurity services is the global approach to keep SMBs safe from cyber attacks.


Learning the ropes...Cybersecurity 101 for SMBs

SMBs today need to understand that they will be attacked, and knowing that, need to gear up their business against cyber crime.


An End-to-End Cyber Protection Service

1Activate your cyber scan in just 3 clicks

2Identify, fix and prevent critical web vulnerabilities

3Customize your vulnerability scanner

4Prioritize and remediate the vulnerabilities found